How to use SwifLink for Content Creators (8 Best Steps)

How to use SwifLink for Content Creators (8 Best Steps)

This Starting Guide is to learn how to use SwifLink for Content Creators. You can use SwifLink’s Free Plan or our Creators Plan to get started.

Step 1: Register

You need to register for a free account or get started with a Trial for our Creators Plan, no credit card is needed to get you started. Alternatively, you can opt to start straight with Creators Plan and start with all the extra benefits. If you already created an account, you can just log in.

Step2: Create your SwifPage

Create your first SwifPage or shorten a URL.

A SwifPage is also known as a “Biolink”. In a nutshell, a SwifPage is a microsite that is part of your profile and contains multiple links to a website, videos, music and allowing curious visitors to find out more. All in one single link.

Shortened is a technique on the World Wide Web in which a Uniform Resource Locator may be made substantially shorter and still direct to the required page. If you copy and paste a long link into the main field on SwifLink, the web page spits out a much shorter link that goes to the same page. Shortened links display better in emails, print material, and other places. 

 SwifLink for Content Creators

Step 3: Choose your username

Enter your username for your SwifPage. We recommend that your SwifLink username is somehow or close to your other social media usernames.

Step 4: Update your info & customise your look

Now in the SwifPage settings tab, complete the following tasks:

  • Add your Profile Picture, must be 1:1 format.
  • Enter your personal/brand/company name.
  • Add a short description.
  • Change your text colour to your liking.
  • Change your background to your liking or upload your own.
  • Scroll down to fonts and select the one you like.

For the custom background images, you can even use GIFs images.

Depending on your browser, you may need to click on “Update” to see the changes you’ve made.

Step 5: Add your social media links

On the same page scroll down to “Socials” and add your social media usernames. Now that you’ve done that, click on update to apply changes.

Step 6: Edit and add new links

Now scroll back up and switch to your Links tabs and complete the following tasks on the existing link.

  • Update your link to your destination.
  • Update your link name.
  • Customise the look and feel of your link
  • Add animation to bring attention to the link (optional)
  • Click on update to see changes.

Next, if you wish to add more links, just duplicate and follow the list above to change the URL destination and link name.

Step 7: Add other blocks

You are almost done! Additional blocks allow you to display videos from your TikTok, YouTube, etc. Even display a demo of your music from SoundCloud and Spotify.

Step 8: And voila! Now share.

Great job! Your SwifPage is now ready to be shared. Add your SwifLink in your social media bio and let your users view all your links in one link.

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Yes, there is more! Now if you go back to your dashboard, you can manage your links and have access to analytics on your viewers. Your link analytics is important as they show you who are the people who click on your links, where they are from and what devices they use, etc. This can be helpful if you run ads on social media to promote your content/business.

Additionally, you can also add your Facebook Pixel ID to your account to share this data with your Business Manager account on Facebook to run targeted ads. And no, sharing this data is not limited to Facebook Pixel only, you can add Pixel IDs from Linkedin, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and Quora.

The Free and Creators Plan have a limited 1 and 2 Pixel IDs respectively, should you wish to have more, you can contact us for a custom creator plan or you can switch to our Talent Manager Plan.

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