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SwifLink is your one page to display your latest video, music, website, post or anything important to you. Works on all platforms!

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Why use SwifLink?

Neat & Easy

We have a clean and easy to use interface to make your SwifPage look professional and ready in minutes.


Ready to be viewed on every screen size right out of the box, from phones to tablets to desktops.

Fully Customisable

Have full control over the look and feel of your SwifPage. Always feel free to express your creativity.

Detailed Analytics

Get to know who your audience are and track the performance of your page & short links.

It's Free!

Set up your SwifPage, use it as long as you need and create unlimited short links - for free, for life.

Optional: Get More!

Upgrade your SwifLink experience! We support Content Creators & Talent Managers. Unlock access to Pro-exclusive features like:

Custom Domains

Add & use your one or multiples domain name to display your SwifLink page or short links.

Google Analytics

Integrate your Google Analytics in your biolink page and short links to share your collected data to run Google Ads.

Facebook Pixel

Integrate your Facebook Pixel ID in your biolink and short links to share your collected data to run Ads on Facebook.

Verified Checkmark

Add a verified checkmark next to your name and let your audience know that you are authentic and can be trusted.

Password Protect

Add a password to make your biolink page private & accessible only to those who you share the password with.

Sensitive Content Warning

Add a warning before people access your page to inform them that you might have sensitive or 18+ content on display.

SEO Features

Customise how your SwifLink appear on search engines. Change the title, description & display image.

No Branding

Remove our SwifLink watermark from your pages and make it truly yours with your own watermark.

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